Where can you put a solar panel?

Solar panels can be placed on the roof, on poles or on a tracking device. We can do a free consultation and site assessment to see which option is best for you.

What is the size of a panel?

SunPower panels are the most efficient on the market which yield more energy and lower energy costs. A 250-watt panel is roughly 13.41 sq. ft. and the 360-watt panel is just 17.5 sq. ft. For businesses, this means SunPower panels will take up to 50% less space on your roof than conventional solar does.

How long do the panels last?

SunPower panels have a 25 year product and linear power warranty. The end of life production is still unknown as panels that have been made over 60 years ago are still producing.

What about hail damage?

Panels are tested and can withstand 1 inch hail at 52 MPH.

Are the panels screwed into the roof of my commercial property?

We offer non-penetrating, flat rooftop commercial systems.

Will solar power be enough to power my home?

We’ll do a full site assessment to determine what size will best fit your energy needs and budget. If space is available, it’s often possible to have a net zero energy usage home.

Can I add on to my system?

As long as we’re aware you’d like the ability to add on, we can engineer your system so it’s easy to add more panels.

For my business, what’s the return on investment?

The ROI will vary based on financing, incentives / rebates, tax structures and system performance. However, you will be locking in your electric rate on the system production for the life of the system.

What does it mean to be a SunPower Premier Dealer?

All of SunPower’s Premier Dealers are handpicked and must complete a certified training program as well as continuing education. As a SunPower dealer, we handle installation, permitting, testing and connecting to the utility. And we’re held to a stringent set of performance standards in the areas of service, quality of design and installation and post-installation site inspections.


What is net-metering?

If your wind turbine produces more power than you use, it can run your meter backwards and feed power back to the utility. We encourage all property owners to discuss net-metering with their utility prior to installation.

What are the ordinance rules for installing a wind turbine?

Each city and county is different. All zone permits or ordinances must be followed by the city and county offices prior to groundwork beginning.

How do I know a wind turbine is the right solution for me?

We provide free consultations and site assessments to discuss whether or not wind or solar energy would be a good fit for your farm, home or business.


What else can you do besides relighting?

We can also do strip-light retrofitting and lay-in troffer retrofitting.

What if my lighting area subject to moisture?

If you’re worried about moisture, we can install vapor-tight lighting options.

Are there warranties on your products?

We have a 25-year warranty on fixtures and a 5-year warranty on most ballasts.